How This 1 Minute Per Day Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How This 1 Minute Per Day Can Help You Reach Your Goals
How This 1 Minute Per Day Can Help You Reach Your Goals
How This 1 Minute Per Day Can Help You Reach Your Goals
If you’re like everyone else you’re super busy and time can really seem to slip by you in an instant.

Then, the problem that arises is that we get way too caught up moving from one task to another, having done plenty of "stuff," but not much of it will help us achieve our most important, significant, life-changing goals.

There Is an Old Saying

It goes like this: People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

When you do tons of things, but none of them help you follow your dream, you’re doing what’s termed as busy work.

You’re busy as heck, but not following your truest, highest purpose.

There have been tons of comedy shows and movies where someone cleans up a mess or picks up clothes and someone or something just puts them right back again without them noticing.

This is funny to the viewer watching this skit, because it’s obvious to them what’s going on.
However, to the person robotically doing the task it’s a complete mystery.

The person is performing busy work like a hamster on a treadmill, never seeing that there is a level above that, which if focused on would solve these lessor problems.

To succeed, you need to look above the busy work up to your highest best purpose for your time, that will truly help you achieve your big picture goals.

How to Put Goal Achievement into Practice
How to Put Goal Achievement into Practice
The method is super simple and will have you making steady progress towards your goals on a daily basis, even if there was little or no progress before.

The method is called the ‘Morning Hit List’.

Each day after you wake up and have your morning coffee, tea or exercise, you take just a couple of minutes to write down your hit list for the day.

On a piece of paper write down 3 micro steps that will take you closer to your goal.

These micro steps can be the simplest smallest thing imaginable.

As an example: If you were a teenager and wanted to learn how to drive. You could start by just making the task of deciding which kind of car you’d like to learn to drive in.

Just making that simple little decision is taking a micro step towards your goal.

As another example: If you’d like to become a better investor, you could make the task of deciding what day you’d like to order the top investment book from Amazon, so you can begin your studies.

3 Micro Steps Is All It Takes

First thing in the morning, write down just three little tiny micro steps that will help you reach your goal. Then, do as many of them as you can, right then and there.

Put the remainder that are on the list in your pocket or purse and look at them at least 4 more times that day or until they are done.

The trick to making this work is that, you need to actually do them.

So, your day is not done until your micro steps are completed.

Your Massive Benefit Is That…

You’ll start taking steps towards your goals each day, no matter how small they are.

This success will build on top of more success each and every day until one day, you’ll have no more micro steps to write down and accomplish because your goals have been reached.

Now I have another massive benefit for you.

It’s not available to the public, it’s only for the special people on my list.

I want to show you what I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating, so that I can help you attain all the things you’ve ever wanted.

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I wish you a Success Filled Day!
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