60 Seconds to A Cleaner and Clearer Mind

60 Seconds to A Cleaner and Clearer Mind

60 Seconds to A Cleaner and Clearer Mind
60 Seconds to A Cleaner and Clearer Mind
Your mind is just like your house.

If there is clutter and chaos everywhere you can barely move around in there.

Your mind is just the same. When you’re thinking a mile a minute it’s very much like you’re living inside a house that is far to cluttered.

There is stuff everywhere, and even though it may seem to be orderly, there is still no room to breathe.

If you’re in a house like this, then there is no room to spread out and create new projects.
The exact same thing is true in your mind.

It becomes incredibly difficult to be creative when there is no room left for it, in a mind that is going at such an incredible pace.

In Minimalism There Is Peace

The reason so many people and cultures are drawn towards a minimalist approach to their homes and décor is that; perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but, when there is nothing left to take away.

The most peaceful and serene settings in nature are the simplest.

A perfectly still pond is quite often referenced as the epitome of peace in the mind and of the spirit.

To allow your mind to calm, focus and become creative enough to provide you with the answers you seek in your life you must eliminate the clutter, chaos and confusion.
With just a little thought we know this to be true.

This is and has been the goal of all the great thinkers, philosophers and monks throughout the ages.

Then, when you want to convey your ideas and thoughts to others it becomes increasingly difficult when your thoughts are all crowding together to get the next available space on your tongue.

So, how do you clear your mind so that it resembles the calm serenity of a Zen Garden?

The technique is quite simple and easy. In fact, it’s so easy that you can literally go from cluttered to clean in 60 seconds or less.

Here it is.

The Mind Cleaning Method
The Mind Cleaning Method
Start in a seated, comfortable position and imagine your mind as a house with several rooms in it.

Focus on all your thoughts being in different rooms.

If you’re having a lot of thoughts of your work, they are all in the work room. If it’s on a relationship those thoughts are in the relationship room and so on.

Picture a robotic vacuum cleaner starting in one room, vacuuming up all the thoughts in that room. Once they are vacuumed up, they are gone.

The robotic vacuum goes from room to room, cleaning up all the thought residue in your house.

When it's done, imagine your mind's home being nice, clean, quiet and peaceful.

You still have a few thoughts in there. But, they are perfectly placed like the statues, ponds and bushes of a Zen Garden.

Once you employ this method you’ll see some tremendous benefits.

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